(Vision Impaired Outing)

Michigan Memorial Park Pond

May 19,2018

  This event has been organized and supported in the past by the Huron Valley Sportfishing Club and  for more than 25 years by deceased member Mel Backhaus.  With continued organizational support of Mel’s son and family this is a great opportunity to get involved with giving a group of vision impaired kids the experience of catching fish and enjoying a day interacting with them.

Volunteers are asked to arrive at the pond area before 8;30 and the children arrive between 8;30 and 9;00 am.  Volunteers are partnered with the kids and the fun begins.  Lunch is ready around 11;30 and awards follow a great meal of hot dogs, kielbasa dogs, and many sides.

All equipment is provided although if you bring a towel and long nosed pliers you may find they will come in handy.

Many Thanks to the Downriver Walleye Federation for committing to making this a part of their clubs events.

Steve Gardiner-Past Director (Huron Valley Sportfishing Club)

QUESTIONS- Steve-734-586-2438